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  • abracadabra102
    07-11 10:51 AM
    my reply was only meant to highlight what you have been doing on this thread. i do not care who is in which EB category. and i know exactly how people with masters degrees suffer in EB3. however, for you to argue that all category preference should just disappear, is quite ridiculous and i have explained the reasons to you. that does not mean people in EB3 are not suffering or that all those in EB3 are either holding advanced degrees or 3 year bachelor degrees. that stereotyping is in your head alone. certainly not in mine. you never answered any of my questions though. what would be the effect of YOUR solutions? would people like me EVER get a GC?

    please do not unload your frustrations on all of us and derail what should be important.

    iv has one goal- to end retrogression. period. iv's founder belonged to EB3. so do several core members. you have some funny perception that iv is about EB2. so be it. ironical though, because iv is commonly accused of being an entirely EB3 india organization.

    so let me hear how the following things iv has constantly been fighting for, are somehow not helpful for EB3??

    recapture GC
    exempt families
    remove country quotas

    as for STEM exemption, if EB2 clears up, where do you think the GC numbers will go? what should we ask for? exemption for all??? not to mention that would get YOU a GC as quickly as possible and would LEAVE ME OUT. i still call and lobby for STEM exemption. i don't whine and moan on the forum about how it excludes health care professionals. if i have an issue, i work to resolve it- note the iv-physicians chapter in my signature that works to resolve specific issues. i created it and we have had success in reaching lawmakers with our problems.

    anyway, iv is clearly not about a few leaders. the tone on the forums and the discussions are dictated by its members. iv has more EB3 members than any other category. so now ask yourself, WHY does the forum seem to discuss more EB2 issues (at least to you) ??? whose fault would that be if it were true? who needs to take responsibility to highlight their issues?

    you have the option to change your job sir. if you are so frustrated, find a job that is up to your skill levels. you will not hear me on this forum complaining that EB1 should not get preference- hey i contribute as much or more. so why?

    get with it. we fight the battles we think we can win. ANY GC numbers/exemptions will move everyone ahead in the line. what part of that do you not understand?

    and now again. stop this divisive crap. we have more important issues to deal with.

    Excellent post. My thoughts exactly.

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  • sledge_hammer
    03-09 07:57 PM

    Subscription Name: Donation to Support Immigration Voice (User: Unregistered)
    Subscription Number: S-5G551032T2232245F

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  • vparam
    09-08 10:15 AM

    Sorry but do not want to be a damper... But this thread does not give me the right feeling. I have been a member of IV i think from dec 2005 and contributed quite a few hundered dollars and just like this organization as a simplistic, good non-profit orgnization with good intentions....

    But in this thread we see a taunt... which is more like we will not have numbers in DC and then some triades...

    So far whenever such type of hate comments are posted, I have noticed that the IV core/ Super moderators either close the threads or blacklist the user....

    But in this case we see periodically (i think a couple of times) that super moderators are only making comments that we need to prove numbers so join the rally....

    Sorry to say this but i feel either this stage managed ( the triades) or super moderators/ IV core are taking advantage of this thread.... Both I feel are inappropriate....

    If I am wrong in what i have stated - My apologies to Supermoderators / IV Core.... But If I am right then I think personally it is a sad day since it lowered the image of IV in front of a great admirer.

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  • gconmymind
    07-09 08:26 PM
    According to DHS statistics there are around 50,000 EB2 lndia Labors in 2004 and 2005 each. So ppl with 2005, 2006 priority dates you can wait around 6-7 years for ur priority dates to be current with annual limit of around 5000 for EB2 India

    That number seems very high. It cannot be that much, just my gut feel...


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  • sweet_jungle
    09-08 02:39 AM
    I am aware of the issue. The only thing I can take care of right now is keep track of the revisions, and I am keeping track of them. (Thanks for the headup sweet_jungle)

    Is this campaign still on?
    I did not see much enthusiasm on this issue.
    Do people not want their files to be adjudicated or not?

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  • Immi_Nightmare
    07-05 10:31 PM
    Folks ,

    Thousand if not millions of us are affected by DOS's reversal of the visa bulletin, and it would be quite a protest even if 20% of us joined together and raised our voice against this ill-fated system.

    Obviously, a lot of us have been adversely affected emotionally and monetarily by this unprecedented knee-jerk reaction by DOS. A lot of our plans have gone completely astray and we again seem to be staring aimlessly at an uncertain future with very little hope in sight.

    What's even worse is none of the elected representatives have bothered to question DOS's action except Congresswoman Lofgren . Immigration seems to have become a joke to our lawmakers(Wonder why Jay Leno hasn't picked on it yet) . We most certainly deserve to be treated much more gracefully than as use-and-throw commodities.

    There was never a time when people had to wait for years togther without seeing any progress on their GC applications. Call it unfortunate , but our times have seen one set back after another for something which used to be a routine part for every legal (and highly skilled at that) immigrant's career in the United States. In fact, besides a good university system, it was this country's receptive immigration laws which brought us here in the first place and now immigration in US has become one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome.

    Modern day immigrants have done so much to empower American economy and enrich the society as well in many subtle ways. A lot of us hold important and responsible positions in our respctive firms and having permanent residency would immensely help us do our jobs more efficiently. We have left a lot behind in search of a better life,we have put in every effort to adapt to the culture and lifestyle of this country and have even turned a blind eye to ocassional racist remarks or prejudices . Inspite of going through all this, little did we imagine that one day we would even have to question if going back to where came from is actually a better option merely owing to a rigid immigration system. Eventhough times have changed and many other countries seem to have a more successful immigrationn system than the US, our administration still hasn't woken up from it's slumber.

    Sure, we all were very well aware of the KKK days or "Dot Buster" days of the 80s before coming here but then we surmised that these were threats from asinine sections of the society who were completely ignorant of how we were directly or indirectly beneficial to their own well being, but we always felt hopeful that the administration was in favor of immigration and would help us become a part of the American society. Only after coming here did we realize that the administrators were as uninformed about immigration as the perpetrators of KKK or "Dot Buster" to the extent that they sometimes did not know the difference between legal and illegal immigrants. The issue of immigration was so badly ignored that a reform was actually long due even before the additional delays of 9/11 came into effect. Well, now with the unprecedented reversal of the July bulletin by DOS , the system seems to have completely fallen apart.

    As mentioned before, we certainly deserve to be treated more gracefully but for that we have to raise our voice against this disfunctional system and alert the seemingly ignorant administrators towards our plight. Politely but firmly! We have waited patiently, but how much longer should we endure this while we are treated as simpletons in a stick-and-a-carrot game??

    I have added my 2 cents by opting to send flowers to the USCIS to be delivered on July 10th. I am not claiming this to be the best approach , but it certainly seems to be a novel approach. Atleast it doesn't offend anyone, cause extra hassles to the local administration in maintaining order during a protest and doesn't need you to take time off from your work. And no! I'm not endorsing this idea on behalf of the florists association of america(if at all there is something like that) . I'm in no way affiliated to the florists and stand to gain nothing if you ordered from them!

    We would love to know if you have a better idea, but I think it's imperative that we all rasie our voice in unison against this system.


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  • wandmaker
    12-03 11:33 PM

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  • indiananu
    02-29 04:20 PM
    Can someone on this thread please take a look at whats in the link below and let me know if this will suffice as a name change in the passport?



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  • gc28262
    05-11 05:35 PM
    Wah! What did you see anti immigrant in my post? Can you please elaborate?

    Please answer my question. You will get the answer from your reply.

    You have become a citizen. What is your vested interest in pursuing this divisive discussion ?

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  • sam_i02
    07-17 08:28 PM
    Thank you IV Core. You guys are alright.....


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  • santb1975
    12-01 06:41 PM
    Let's keep the contributions comming

    Order Details - Dec 1, 2007 16:37 GMT-05:00
    Google Order #170172464015090

    Shipping Status Qty Item Price
    Not yet shipped 1 Contribute 100

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  • PlainSpeak
    04-15 06:41 PM
    Do you know why all arguments against F1 to GC are moot? It's because US does NOT view it as misuse. They are talking about not letting the students go, and stapling GC's to certificates. Do you think there will be any result from fighting that sentiment?

    This is another rant idea and it is wasting everyone's time. I request all to pls stop bumping this thread on that count

    If it is not misue why does the embassy reject F1 visa if applicant cannot show proper ties to home country

    Talk is cheap, anyone can talk anything. What is current position of DV to STEM visa bill?

    Stapling GC to certificates now please don't make me laugh ......

    There is no such sentiment what so even and i am not fighting but stating my disagreement with the whole idea that MS student add to the economy. While they a burden to US for 2 years and add nothing to the economy during the same 2, years a H1B contributes to the economy in form of taxes (SS, medicare State and Federal Tax)

    Can you refute that ?????

    Your turn ...........


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  • kpchal2
    08-20 03:54 PM
    can pre adjudicated files also be sent to review or is it only to files that are not pre-adjudicated but are trying to pre-adjudicate

    the biggest stress is the window of opportunity is so small that the stress levels are going to be high. if not now then we have to wait for another year. for the first time in my life I can see why our elders used to give up on government activities and why they say have patience. here with uscis it seems like years are passing by like eons but uscis asks us to consider them as minutes or seconds.

    one of the ridiculous person at uscis when asked why i am not getting my ead in 90 days says this - sir there are people still waiting from a year to get their green card so please have patience and consider yourself lucky that it is just 90 days. what kidn of a screwed up person give such a response.

    seems like we have to go through this painful month once again. lucky people will get their green card - unfortunate ones will have to wait for however long it is

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  • santb1975
    12-03 12:04 PM
    for the Ominus Bill Lobbying efforts


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  • laborfd
    07-17 10:39 PM
    Hats off to core IV group and all the members who supported IV.
    Thank you all. :)

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  • santb1975
    12-02 10:55 PM
    I just contributed $300. I will sign up for recurring ...

    Google Order #448925927215726

    PD: Eb2 - 05
    Contributions so far: $500
    Member of North California Chapter


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  • GCNirvana007
    08-11 01:04 PM
    Dear Lord please listen to dwhuser. I have the same concern

    dwhuser, did you see any LUD in recent month or any RFE

    I am EB2 Dec 2004

    I saw an LUD in June this yr

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  • NKR
    10-01 01:21 PM
    As some folks have posted on another thread, the USCIS is finally getting around to consolidating all their applications in a single database.

    Maybe our letters and posters didn't fall on deaf ears after all! ;)

    I hope so, we just have to wait to see when that will come into effect, perm took more than a couple of years to come into effect and what happened after??.. all the pending applications at that time was pushed to the BEC black hole...

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  • am001
    07-28 10:52 AM

    I read a posts by you all on immigration voice which said U.S newspapers can easily publish a name change Ad for $70!! But I hear that they need some kind of a court order to do that...Can I ask you which paper did you advertize in India and in U.S. I have the same problem as many others -- I have only one name on my passport "Kritee" and U.S. embassy when they gave me visa made it FNU (as first name) Kritee (last name). Now I want to add a first name to my passport and all documents in U.S...and am wondering if I need to go to a U.S. court or not? All and any help will be appreciated!


    Hi, did you find out? please post I need this info too.

    12-05 02:36 AM
    Hello Ronhira,

    If some orphan or homeless break your front door and enter into your house, would you allow him to stay with your family on Humanity basis ?

    Why first of all INTENTIONALLY she entered other's territory ?


    11-28 06:58 PM
    contributed $100...

    Reacent Post


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