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  • ujjwal_p
    08-22 04:31 PM
    I agree.... there are no IOs at the fingerprinting offices let alone talking to them.

    I had an infopass appointment today and the IO there told me a lot. She told me that me and my wife's namecheck and fingerprints were cleared. She also told me that the case has not been assigned and therefore she opened a Service Request for me to expedite the case (dont know if it will help). She also mentioned that there is no memo stating that the vsa numbers have been exhausted.

    And believe me.. i overheard the other IOs in the saying that the immigration system is screwed up and the service centers dont know what they are doing... so guys you can see what the system thinks of itself.....

    so again as i have said....sit tight and hope and pray ....


    Nice to know that. Now on what basis do we believe you and not the other guy? In this anonymous environment you are as much/less credible as the other guy. The best thing for everyone is to keep hopes low and wait till September passes. There's so much information,rumors,gossip doing the rounds to drive everyone crazy.

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  • insbaby
    11-11 12:05 PM
    Now, instead of getting her into trouble you have to get yourself out of trouble first.

    Find a cool way to send her out.

    You will be in trouble anytime in future if she proves that you have employed her illegally in the past.

    Going a bit tough here, sorry for that.

    1. You both are in H1B (assuming you must know laws behind H1B)
    2. Able to find someone inexpensive who can take care of your valuable baby
    3. Powerful knowledge in technology to setup a secret camera to capture what she does the whole day
    4. Collect all evidences and planning to penalize her

    But you are not aware of the simple fact that it is illegal to hire and pay someone without notifying appropriate government agencies.

    Anytime in future, if she is caught(chances are more as she is clearly not aware of the laws here and how serious is beating a child, if not in your place some other place), expect query from INS/IRS. This is a different country.

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  • aquarianf
    06-18 09:55 AM
    I have a problem where my "Given Name" is entered as "<first name> <last name>" in my passport (India). The "Surname" is left blank. I have been in the US for 7 years now and it has never been a problem so far. I usually enter the "<last name>" in the last name column on all documents. I wonder if this will cause problems during the I485 name check stage. Any one here who can throw some light on this issue?

    I realize that the question is a little weird, I appreciate any response.


    I had the same issue and I got it changed from Indian consulate NY. The whole process took around a week. You need to advertise in local newspapers which is not a big deal. Around Rs 200 in indian newpaper and $70 in US newspaper (Classified section).

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  • cheg
    07-17 06:59 PM
    thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IV deserves only the best!!! I will start contributing because this organization helps a lot of people and we still have a long journey ahead of us. :)


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  • prinive
    07-05 07:22 PM
    Can we have some tieup with some flower delivering company? Like, for each floer ordered by IV member, some percentage will be donated to IV. But the point is every one from here will order the flowers through them. Any thoughts?

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  • akbose
    07-17 09:22 PM
    Thank You....this is all I can say !!


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  • sanju
    09-05 05:14 PM
    All EB2 people affected, lets get organized.
    This time USCIS is hiding by not making official announcements.
    We need to act as we did last July.
    Lets send letters to congressman like zoe lofgren.
    NSC is issuing frivolous RFEs as delaying tactics.
    I am not seeing similar outrage as we saw last year.
    The time to act is now.

    Totally understand where you are coming from and what you are trying to say. We all need to be engaged more actively. However, in this thread, you are likely to receive more posts with the message -

    "Are u blind - we are organized, we are asking each other questions about each other's status, tracking every LUD change, comparing status of each other, voting for and against in all the Eb2/Eb3 polls, always suggesting, supporting and arguing for changes that perfectly fit with my gc application, arguing why country of origin is so bad, why America has nothing to offer, unless I get my gc tomorrow, how this country has the opportunity to become great if they give me gc, what are lawmakers doing, why did they not pass laws to fix the problem of highly skilled idiots sorry, I mean highly skilled professionals, what is core doing, are they not our servants? What more do you want? Before Senators vote on the floor of the Senate, they will logong to this this site to learn what HIGHLY SKILLED IMMIGRANTS because if it was not for these HIGHLY SKILLED, the world will come to a screeching halt. So what more should we do, we are already organized." yada yada yada yada

    just, a few things like that, that's all.

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  • hopefulgc
    09-08 03:19 PM
    Think twice before you call anyone "poor immigrants" here without really knowing it. If I am not wrong, I have enough money back home to buy your entire family 10 times over and still have enough left over to pay for your sex change operation.

    i have always wanted to say this!


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  • gcwait2k3
    07-17 09:20 PM
    Thank you guys for all your hard work

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  • psaxena
    02-27 12:49 PM
    I am in complete agreement with IV and the proposal. After such a long time, the brains I always trusted, came up with the great proposal. Let me know if we can help.


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  • Frederic
    08-13 08:45 PM

    Could you please update your profile with your dates to help others in the IV tracker.

    Pappu, hi!


    BTW, what's with these accusations (not by you but by some other "senior members") doubting the veracity of my post?

    Does a person have to have n number of posts before he is considered reliable?

    Why should I fake my profile? What would I gain by it?

    I am just trying to provide some data points for the tracking analysis and sheesh! the brickbats flying make me wonder if I should have posted this in the first place!

    Anyways, I will try to answer any and all serious questions.

    Best Regards

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  • rsdang
    08-21 04:09 PM
    Come on we do more than just complain... we also wait patiently for years :-)


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  • anilsal
    09-07 11:21 PM
    this guy has openly challenged you. Are you going to just sleep through this? Not do anything on your part?

    Come on. Lets all go to DC to attend the rally in bigger numbers and show this tribiani dude, that we can gather for a cause.

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  • ssreenu
    04-13 02:38 PM
    The idea is interesting, but I am not convinced. I am a skeptic. Becacuse the question is how will anyone be able to make this idea into reality. Someone should manage a timeplan, budget for this bill. We also need few people to go to Capitol and talk to media and Senators. We need someone to become a leader of this idea. Without a leader and timeplan I cannot buy this idea.

    Questions to the person who started this thread:

    1. Can you also post the draft of this bill or a document explaining this bill.
    2. What is the timeline and budget to push this bill?
    3. What is your plan to push it.

    Question to whoever says they agree with the idea
    1. Post your contribution to this bill if you support it. Basically say what you would do to support it.
    There should be a timeplan made and everyone that has pledged would then be asked to do their bit.

    I agree, these were not my ideas but it was reasonable enough to motivate me to start this thread. Every one who concurs with these ideas should contribute to this bill. I am still a newbie to this forum and trying to understand how to's...


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  • villamonte6100
    08-10 11:27 AM
    My opinion is that you should be fine. Just make sure that you've nailed everything down correctly on your G-325A.

    This might be a side track but what types of questions INS ask during GC interview.


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  • desi485
    07-09 08:18 PM
    not sure if in general a lawsuit can be filed against a law?


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  • ragz4u
    05-09 12:19 PM
    I am working with the same company for the last 5 years. Completing 6 years on H1 here and the attorney decided to file for LC couple of days before the old system was to come to an end.
    I hold a Masters degree in Engineering but I came to know later that they filed the petition in EB3 category.

    I have been waiting for over an year to file the PERM petition because first I wanted to get my 7 th year H1 extension using the old petition.No clear guidance on multiple filing of petitions is creating lot of confusion for people who are in the 6 th year of H1 status.

    Just before retrogression started, got a chance to substitute labor with another company but I could not forego my permanent position/bonus for the chance to get GC sooner and so decided to work with the same company.
    Now my company may close in the next 1-2 years and I will have to start my GC process all over.Even after working here for 6 years with the same company, there is no portability of the process. It is the individual who wants the GC and the Govt should decide to give this.

    You have employer/attorney in between who are greatly benefiting due to the helplessness of the employee and the careless attitude of the Govt.
    I still want to believe that the system will be fixed and people will be treated fairly.

    I am in the final phase of getting my Canadian PR card and I do not want to entirely pin my hopes on getting a GC here.

    It is unbelievable how this country which encourages people to play by rules has such a broken immigration system.

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  • hrushi_j
    08-25 03:21 PM

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I just saved a pdf version of the memo just in case they delete all online evidences :)

    If anybody wants to refer, here's the link:

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  • ash0210
    12-19 10:05 AM
    As per this $20 drive, I tried to contribute thru my Visa Card & it was "repeatedly" prompting card# enter is invalid...I checked/ensured expire date/secure code & info which I entered is correct but repeatedlly it was prompting same message...Anybody from IV can help whats wrong with the web page?

    I tried to submit my request 3 times, does it mean that I have contributed 3 times?

    Thank you everyone for being a part of this campaign. We are seeing lot of support from members and contributions are coming in. The drought is ending with some showers, buts lets continue the showers so that we can have a good crop next season. Pls. continue this drive so that we can achieve our target. I will be updating the numbers soon.

    Thank you Anurakt for your previous contributions of $400 in the past months and this pledge for $1000. I am sure all our members have accepted your challange and will make sure to do their bit.

    07-17 07:20 PM
    To begin with, Congratulations to every deserving IV member who can now apply for a green card!

    I'd like to thank each and every member of the IV Core Team. Your efforts have changed our lives. Because of you, people won't be scooting off to UK and Canada, some children won't age out, people wouldn't have to get more *ouch!* shots, et al! From skepticism to total admiration is how my perception of IV changed over the past two weeks. You have done justice to the name Immigration Voice. Enough said!

    Like the Core Team repeatedly insists, this is just one of the first few important steps, and there is a lot more to be done. And for that to happen, IV needs contributions. I am not in a position to urge people to contribute. I am a junior member, 20 years old, on an H-4 with no means to work, and not a single bank account yet to my name. However, I wish to pledge the first 500 hundred dollars of savings from my first job after obtaining an EAD to Immigration Voice.

    Go IV!:)

    02-25 04:34 PM
    this got to be the best practical solution I have seen on IV (with some modification?), approaching hillary clinton by explaining the situation is the best bet, its simple and involves an administrative fix but they anyway have to revisit the application during visa allocation,

    what if a person's 485 is approved like 4 years back and he had some run-ins with law after that or something that might jeopardize his chances of 485 if it is evaluated at the time of visa allocation? this might be a 1 in 100 case but its a national security issue, solution can be as one of the members said pay an upfront fee for pre-evaluation and then when visa number is available they don't re-evaulate parts of application that don't change like birth certificate etc.,. and just look at w2s, paystubs, criminal records etc.,. in that case if it is just a pre-evaluation I am not sure how it would be of great help unless the package comes with EAD and AP,

    Reacent Post


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