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  • kosars
    08-10 09:42 AM

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  • hotscud21
    02-25 11:16 AM
    I totally agree with your idea and am sure that it would be great relief for all of us. But USCIS is so lazy that they do adjudicate cases which have their priority dates as "current". It would be a miracle if they really adjudicate all cases even if the visa number is not available. I think we should also push for a system where USCIS should release the total number of cases adjudicated on a weekly/monthly basis so that the process is transparent and we can see how much work they do.

    I hope they pre-adjudicate all our cases and end our miseries.

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  • Macaca
    02-02 09:16 PM
    Is there a USCIS URL/publication that explains the following? Thanks.

    These should be USCIS rules like IRS rules. Everyone should be entitled to see them like IRS rules.

    If you have 140K visas, how many go to
    EB2 ROW, EB2 India, EB2 China, EB2 phillipines
    EB3 ROW, EB3 Indian, EB3 China, EB3 Phillipines?

    What happens with EB1 has unused visas? How do they flow?
    What happens with EB2 has unused visas? Where do they go?

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  • GCStatus
    09-18 11:45 AM
    Dude, Why dont you call me at 412 915 9526.

    Just because of your false accusations, people have started thinking iam faking my identity. This should stop. Are you hearing me or not ? Why dont you go and check your website logs for activites in the last couple of days
    and see from which IP Address, GC status is sending those messages. Find out the location from where he is sending messages. Dont spread false news.
    I want you to make it clear in the forum that MadhuVj and GCStatus are different people.

    Hope you first fix this issue, you created.


    Yeah man. So much for joining this site. This is all we get. Unfortunately, lot of other people are thinking the same. Want you to clear our names asap.


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  • ragz4u
    04-20 09:54 AM
    Your first post seemed asking only career wise successful folks who have patents/inovations and are affected by retrogression. I did write my story and then reread your first post, then thought to myself: my story is just similar to that Italian lady! The only thing different is she probably would have gotten her green card without much trouble, unlike my process.

    Please let me know if you need ordinary story like mine, non-IT, mother and having been waiting for many years. Thanks.

    I apologize for any miscommunication on my part.

    Let me be very clear about what we are looking for

    Your story about how you are affected by retrogression/back log etc. It could be as simple as 'I have a BS in Engineering and am stuck in back log for 2 years and cannot fulfil my dreams professionally' to 'I have a PhD in Nuclear Science and US needs me coz there are only a handful of us!' Anything and everything works.

    I have literally recieved stories of stay at home moms (because of H4 they cannot work) to folks who have been interviewed by MIT! The whole spectrum helps.....please please send us your stories...we need all the weapons when we go face the senators on behalf of IV

    As another fellow IV member who just sent me his story clearly mentioned, and I quote him

    'Hope my story adds another spoke in the wheel. The thought of having to wait 2-3 or even more years just to be able to file the I-485 is damning. It's time to quit whining and do something about it. Want y'all to know that I'm available to help out in any way I can.'

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  • santb1975
    12-02 10:56 PM
    This feels great


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  • raamskl
    07-22 08:51 PM
    I am married and my husband is working in US on H1B visa. I came into the country with an L1 visa in Dec '06. The I 94 is valid till Oct 2009.
    In Apr 2007, I applied for my H1B and it was approved with a start date of October 2007.
    I quit my company by end of May 2007. Since the H1B was NOT applied with COS, I applied for my H4 last week but I have not got the approval notice for H4 yet. :(

    Is it still possible for my husband to file my 485 along with his? What do I enter for questions regarding my current status?? Can I say that my current status is H4 and give the "valid till" date as the end date of my husband's H1B date?
    Please help!!!

    Thanks Elfreda

    Isn't Elfreda out of status since May '07 when the L1 ended, as I guess the company she was working for would have reported it? H1 doesn't start until oct '07 and H4 is pending, so what is the status now??

    Does anyone else have any informed opinion?


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  • uka
    05-14 03:27 PM


    I received notice of decision for my wife's H-4 application and I am worried whether my case has been denied.

    This is the content of the case received from CA with WACxxxxxxxxxxx.


    This notice is in reference to form 1-539, application for Extend/Change of Nonimmigrant Status, requesting a change of status to that of a dependent of a specialty occupation worker under section 101(a)(15)(H)(i)(b) of the Immigrantion and Nationality Act.

    It is ordered by the Director of the California service center, United States Citizenship and Immigration Sevices that the applicant's request for change of status be denied for the following reasons:

    As a dependent, the applicant's classification is subject to the principal alien's status. The nonimmigrant visa petition filed in behalf of the principal alien, seeking a concurrent change of status to a specialty occupation worker classification under 101(a)(15)(H)(i)(b) of the Act, has been processed as a consulate notification because the principal alien's request for a change of nonimmigrant status has been den ied.

    Since the principal will not be classified as a temporary nonimmgrant worker until she/he obtains the HI-B visa abroad at a United States Embassy or consulate, and has been lawfully admitted into the United States in the nonimmigrant status, the applicant does not qualify for the requested change of status.

    I have not received any information about mine. Does it mean that my application will be processed at a consulate office outside the state? I am confused. I do not really understand it well. Please help explain it to me.


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  • sabhayk
    05-23 11:33 PM
    Me too. Haven't received receipt yet.
    hmm.... Well they are really lagging behind I believe.
    Is there anyone here who took a letter of completion from the school to apply for the Masters Cap and has got H1B. or cica versa.

    Guys please share your experience. I have applied the same way and I am wondering what my case result would be. I took a letter of completion from the school as I completed my degree requirements early and applied.

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  • venkee
    07-09 07:32 AM


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  • mjdup
    12-18 10:16 PM
    Ok team, the MVP anurakt has challenged rest of the team :) and we need to step up and not only be good role players but try to be the MVP !! Let's show that we will follow the mvp but at the same time not let down the entire team..ok enough sports, time to accept the challenge and make the MVP pay...;)

    thanks anurakt for the challenge, you da man...

    thanks vina92 and the_jaguar for your contrib..

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  • ragz4u
    04-27 02:11 PM
    I have an idea which could be patented and work on it.
    I cannot do, because iam still on H1-B with labor pending.
    Also, i have doled out too much money multiple times for GC and still hanging.

    If you really want to contribute, please send in your story via email. Template is available in the first post.


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  • Pallavi79
    04-11 01:22 PM
    1. they have country limit for diversification. >> us(culprit) immigration is broken.
    2. substitution labor >> desi employers(culprit) sold it.
    3. my employer did not file for GC because layoffs couple of years back. >> general public are culprit. they caused our employer to get loss.
    4.other employers filed GC for other people. >> other employers are culprit. they filed GC to retain their employers.
    5.EB2 category : if they do not exist, I would have got spillover visas.
    6.EB1 employers : employers are filing in EB1 category for the same skill set as mine
    7.EB2 employers: employers are filing in EB2 for the same skill set as mine.
    8.Dollar : Seriously. Dollar is a culprit. Last year Dollar value is less. So many foreigners are able to afford dollar and they filed for investor visa. Without that I would have got spillover visas
    9.140 portability : many people are porting 140, PD from previous employer to new employer. They are able to retain old priority dates than me.
    Any others??
    How can I get GC with all these things.

    Folks, this is for your information. not for the argument.

    just kidding. :)
    How about stopping the disscussions which divides the community.

    I can understand the frustration of long wait for GC. The fight is for immigrant and non immigrant visas. Everyone(individuals like you and me), desi employers, desi MNCs, american companies wants to play by rules. The system is not fair. thats the reality.

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  • npraveen
    07-17 10:45 PM
    Thanks for great work you folks have put in. And congrats to all IV members.:)


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  • Milind123
    09-07 11:09 PM
    We have known Rosa Park personally and she was a speaker at one of our meetings and let me tell you none of you are close to what she was.

    It looks like you are planning to go to DC. There is big difference between planning and execution. You folks are theoritical and not practical. This time the bus will be empty. You just don't have it in you. Take it from me.

    BTW it's Parks not Park. Of course she was a great lady. If any one of us are close to her, no one really knows. Not ever you. Maybe we will get a "Rosa Parks" in this rally. If that happens you will write:

    "We have known "Rosa Parks" and she was a speaker at one of our meetings and let me tell you ........"

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  • Sherman_tribiani
    09-08 05:38 PM
    No need to shout here...I know this is an educated community and I am trying to hold a logical debate. But very few posts have any logical responses. So far no convincing argument has been put forward explaining why they deserve the coveted work permits (aka Green Cards). This shows the immigration system need to be fixed to filter out such nuances.

    To support my point, please see my additional posts: 101, 105,110 and 117. All responses I got were just BS, with no logic. These people know only how to talk with no action. America is a country of actions with razor sharp focus.

    So my friend ,a personal advice to you: I have been following yours and others posts closely. You are wasting your time arranging all those buses and all other BS. The rally will not succeed. Just take a look how many people you have so far? Admit it you just don’t have the numbers to succeed.

    Moderators/IV leadership please note that I would want to complete my series of replies and there are 10 more replies remaining. I feel that those posts are worth being replied to. I will appreciate if you will let me put my points. Thereafter, I really don't care. If you want to discuss this on phone, send me an e-mail first on and we can set up some time.

    You really are getting on my nerves now.

    You are no future predictor... How can you say Strive Act is doomed?...
    You as well as I know that we need just handful (probably four) of votes to pass this bill.

    The rally is being done to lobby for the support. And if those undecided lawmakers come into our camp then we will win and you will LOSE!


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  • test101
    07-17 07:06 PM
    awsome job. This is a well done job. This is the first group i know that it's member do not lie and go straight to the point. Thanks to the iV core and to all members. keep up the good work.

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  • jingi1234
    08-21 05:10 PM
    What about the people who got RFEs for 485?

    Do you guys think the visa numbers are counted for those people or not:confused::mad::o:(

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  • eyeswe
    02-26 03:15 PM
    I like your idea. And I do support it in spite I not being in similar situation.. However with a little bit experienece I have with similar work flow improvement projects I would like to point out that the impact on labour/cost has to be thought through. My understanding is the agency has not been using Visa numbers because they are heavily loaded. Now if you ask them to do this pre-adjudicataion for all cases that will impose a sever load on them. I may be completely wrong here - it could be another department, another agency so this may not be an issue at all.. but if possible think through this as we submit a proposal.. If needed (now gals and guys don't beat me up!) we could even pay them (So they could hire people) to get this pre-adjudication done?

    Comments, retorts welcome.. no abuses pls we are all learning here!

    02-25 06:14 PM
    This is a very great idea, and I think with the aggresive efforts and campaign we can achieve this as we have achieved Julye'07 I485 filling and 2yr. EAD solution, let's discuss and have action plan on how to move forward on this matter, united we can achieve this.

    03-08 12:57 PM
    I should look before i type :-). Or get a coffee before i log on to the net.

    Reacent Post


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