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  • BharatPremi
    12-14 04:30 PM
    I know what I am about to say will trigger a lot of reaction and some resentment, but it has to be said on behalf of those who are not Indian. I think the per country limit is to ensure that people of all nationalities and races have an equal opportunity to obtain a green card and to ensure that no one nationality, group, or even sector (i.e. IT) monopolizes the so few visas that are available. In fact, in the visa lottery, countries become excluded when the number of immigrants from them reach a certain point, so we are lucky they do not do that in the Employment-based system!

    I think that by wanting to remove the per country limit so more Indians can avail of the green card quota is both asking for "special treatment" and a slap in the face for all the non-Indian IV members. The more I read the threads on this site, the more I feel that this organization is geared just to one ethnic group. I am sure that Indians probably make up the majority of members, but the founders of IV (I hope) did not want this organization to become one-sided! Please be considerate of ALL members and try to come up with suggestions that would benefit ALL members!!!:mad:

    Would you please read all posts once again? And this time apply comprehension and analytical skills while reading all posts. I am sure you would quickly realize how wrong your judgement is.

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  • virtual55
    07-03 01:57 PM
    I applied for EAD paying old fees in Jul 2007, and I renewed with new fees this year in Jun 2008, would like know if I need to pay renewal fees again when I renew my EAD in Jun 2009.

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  • gimmeacard
    07-28 10:45 PM
    Wait a min , how much had you?? Your status is Member and Kaushal's is a Donor.. wait a min let me think who is donating and who is a FREELOADER here.

    The guy is doing something to make his life better, atleast making an attempt to do something better, why do you losers are trying to demotivate and shoot him down.

    No work is small or big , good or bad , work is work.. you wanna do it , just do it , else walk to out. Do not exhibit the desi attitude "I won't do it as what someone will say and also do not let any one else do it." Grow up.

    OOPS a bitter and exhausted Amwayiter has arrived

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  • franklin
    02-13 10:46 AM
    This is great!!!

    All my Indian friends who were fighting with me over the (1 or 2) unused EB-2 visas from ROW, well, you can have them my friends. I ain't getting any of them anyway.

    Ha! Maybe this will be the penny that drops to make people realize that this isn't "just an Indian or Chinese thing"


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  • bfadlia
    02-15 11:30 PM
    Reality is that you don't want to see Indians and Chinese around you. I am sure IV does not need people like you. IV does not promote nationality and we are against all the bad pracitices of the body shoppers but we don't want someone to label Indians and Chinese in this country product of bodyshopping immigration.
    Most of the population are well educated , skilled professionals and labelling them that they are flooding the market is insulting. If you think that you don't have marketable skills and is difficult for you to play due to Indians and Chinese, please feel free not to come back to this website. There are many Anti-Chinese and Anti-India blogs for your agenda. I am not sure whose side you are on and who has planted you here.

    Sir, first, not that I will listen to you, but you have no business telling anybody that IV doesn't need them, it's very serious when every disgruntled member decides to speak on others behalf and tell people who disagree with them they need to leave IV
    second, do u have a crystal ball that allows you to know my feelings more than I do and put words in my mouth that i didn't say.. when i say that bodyshops participated in creating the disproportionate lines for india and china where do you get an insult or conclude that i want indians and chinese to disappear or that i feel i lack marketable skills..
    stick to arguments please instead of these endless fabrications.

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  • nozerd
    05-11 04:34 PM
    Depends on your income and number of kids. Check for more info. Some details below.

    CCTB: Calculation and payment information
    When are Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) payments made?
    I did not receive my CCTB payment this month. What should I do?
    How do I tell the CRA about my change of address?
    Can I start getting my CCTB payments by direct deposit?
    How do I change my banking information if I receive my payments by direct deposit?
    What happens to CCTB payments if the recipient dies?
    When do we recalculate your CCTB?
    What happens if you owe money for CCTB?
    How are the Canada Child Tax Benefit and the National Child Benefit Supplement calculated?
    What determines the maximum payment for the National Child Benefit Supplement (NCBS)?
    Do the Child Care Expenses that I claim on my 2005 income tax return affect my CCTB?


    1. When are Canada Child Tax Benefit payments made?
    Benefits are paid over a 12-month period from July of one year to June of the next year. Generally, payments are made on the 20th of each month or, if your annual entitlement is less than $120, we will send it all in one payment on July 20th.

    CCTB and integrated payment* dates

    July 20th, 2006
    August 18th, 2006
    September 20th, 2006
    October 20th, 2006
    November 20th, 2006
    December 13th, 2006
    January 19th, 2007
    February 20th, 2007
    March 20th, 2007
    April 20th, 2007
    May 18th, 2007
    June 20th, 2007

    * Note: Integrated payments include the BC Family Bonus, the New Brunswick Child Tax Benefit, the Newfoundland and Labrador Child Benefit, the Northwest Territories Child Benefit, the Nova Scotia Child Benefit, the Nunavut Child Benefit, the Saskatchewan Child Benefit, and the Yukon Child Benefit.

    The Alberta Family Employment Tax Credit is issued twice a year, in July and January. The payments will be issued on July 27, 2005, and January 27, 2006, for the 2004 base year.

    For more information regarding our benefit programs, please visit the Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) page.

    2. I did not receive my Canada Child Tax Benefit payment this month. What should I do?
    We generally pay your benefit on the 20th of each month. If your payment does not arrive on that day, please wait five working days before calling us at 1-800-387-1193.

    3. How do I tell the CRA about my change of address?
    See How to change your address.

    Top of page4. Can I start getting my Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) payments by direct deposit?
    You can have your CCTB payments deposited directly into your account at a financial institution. To start direct deposit, complete the "Direct deposit" section on Form RC66, Canada Child Tax Benefit Application, or send us a completed Form T1-DD(1), Direct Deposit Request - Individuals. If you get your payments by direct deposit and your banking information changes, send us a completed Form T1-DD(1), Direct Deposit Request - Individuals. You cannot change your banking information by calling us unless you have other CRA products deposited into that same account.

    If for any reason we cannot deposit a payment into your account, we will mail a cheque to you at the address we have on file.

    5. How do I change my banking information if I receive my payments by direct deposit?
    If you get your payments by direct deposit and your banking information changes, send us a completed Form T1-DD(1), Direct Deposit Request - Individuals. You cannot change your banking information by calling us unless you have other CRA products deposited into that same account.

    6. What happens to Canada Child Tax Benefit (CCTB) payments if the recipient dies?
    If an individual dies who was receiving CCTB payments for a child, the child's new caregiver should contact us and give us the date of the recipient's death.

    We may still send out a payment after the date of death because we are not aware of the death. If this happens, please return the payment to us with a brief letter of explanation. See our listing of CRA offices for the one nearest you.

    If you are the surviving spouse or common-law partner of the deceased individual and you lived with that person at the time of his or her death, in most cases you won't have to complete a new CCTB application. If certain requirements have been met, the children will be automatically transferred to your account.

    If you are any other caregiver (such as grandparent or guardian), you will have to complete Form RC66, Canada Child Tax Benefit Application, and send it to us.

    If you are the new caregiver and the deceased individual was receiving payments under provincial or territorial child benefit programs that we administer, you do not have to apply separately to qualify for these payments. We will use the information from Form RC66 to determine if you are eligible for these programs.

    Top of page7. When do we recalculate your CCTB?
    We will recalculate your benefit and send you a Canada Child Tax Benefit Notice showing our revised calculation:

    every July based on the returns that you and your spouse or common-law partner filed for the previous year;
    after each reassessment of either your or your spouse or common-law partner's return that affects the calculation of your benefit;
    after a child for whom you receive the CCTB turns 18 (the last payment you will receive will be for the month of his or her birthday); and
    after you tell us about changes to your situation that could affect your benefit (see When to contact us about your CCTB).
    8. What happens if you owe money for CCTB?
    If a recalculation shows that you were overpaid CCTB, we will send you a notice to advise you of the balance owing. We may keep all or a portion of future CCTB payments, income tax refunds, or goods and services/harmonized tax credit (GST/HST) credits until the balance is repaid.

    9. How are the Canada Child Tax Benefit and the National Child Benefit Supplement calculated?
    You can use our new online service to get an estimate of your benefits.

    Your CCTB payments for the 12 - month period of July 2006 to June 2007 are calculated using the following information:

    The number of children you have;
    Your province or territory of residence;
    Your 2005 family net income;
    Your or your spouse or common-law partner's claim for child care expenses for 2005; and
    Your child's eligibility for the Child Disability Benefit.
    Basic benefit:

    The basic benefit is $1,255 ($104.58 a month) for each child under age 18 (the basic benefit is different for residents of Alberta, see the note below).
    There is a supplement of $88 ($7.33 a month) for your third and each additional child.
    There is a supplement of $249 ($20.75 a month) for each child who is six years of age. This supplement is reduced by 25% of any amount you or your spouse or common-law partner claimed for child care expenses on your income tax return. Eligible families with children under six years of age will receive the new Universal Child Care Benefit.
    We subtract a benefit reduction from this amount if your family net income is more than $36,378. For a one-child family, the reduction is 2% of the amount of your family net income that is more than $36,378. For families with two or more children, the reduction is 4%.
    The Alberta provincial government has chosen to vary the amount of the basic benefit that its residents receive. The basic benefit is:

    $1,147 ($95.58 a month) for children under 7;
    $1,225 ($102.08 a month) for children 7 to 11;
    $1,373 ($114.41 a month) for children 12 to 15; and
    $1,452 ($121.00 a month) for children 16 or 17.
    National Child Benefit Supplement (NCBS):

    One-child family: $1,945 a year ($162.08 a month). This amount is reduced by 12.2% of the amount of family net income that is more than $20,435.
    Two-child family: $1,720 a year ($143.33 a month). This amount is reduced by 22.9% of the amount of family net income that is more than $20,435.
    Three-or-more-child family: $1,637 a year ($136.41 a month). The total will be reduced by 33.2% of the amount of family net income that is more than $20,435.
    If you are on social assistance, the NCBS may affect the amount of your social assistance payments. Many provinces and territories will consider the NCBS you get as income and will adjust your basic social assistance by this amount.

    Thanks for the response. Govt sends a check for each child every month ! Thats too good to be true. How much is the check for.


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  • Googler
    02-13 01:01 PM
    The problem here not every country gets equal or equitable piece of pie. The probelm is Part of the pie gets thrown out and not given to people in the line because too many of them happen to be from one country.

    How about facts? In 2006, Philippines received 23,733 EB visas, India - 17,169. No other country received more. China received 9,484.

    One thing to note in this dicussion is that this reallocation to oversubscribed countries is far from seamless. If cutoff dates for oversubscribed countries are not moved up in the 3rd quarter (as opposed to the fourth quarter of the fiscal year), part of the pie DOES get thrown out, as it has in recent years 2003 (88.4K), 2004 (47,3K), 2006 (10.2k) [see 2007 Ombudsmans Report, p. 34 which gives the data for these years and going back to 1992]. This is absolutely infuriating since 2003-2004 these were also the years that largely created the present backlog of applicants with early PDs. How on earth can you justify throwing out 10.2K greencards in 2006 (FY 2007) EVEN AFTER the June 2007 greencard free for all??

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  • PavanV
    01-22 05:33 PM
    Wow, you have a great suggestion for him, I am sure he took your suggestion and did the right thing, do you have a similar suggestion regarding immigration to Obama ?, if so you better let him know what you think, you seem very open minded about giving suggestions.

    Then please pack your bags and leave the country in the next flight.


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  • pappu
    04-01 12:45 PM
    Calm down everyone.

    The thread was posted in a seperate area we have created for such posts. As Marphad said, you cannot discuss immigration all day. IV is a platform for everyone in the community to be together. If you just talk about immigration, we may not get the number of people we need for action items. When we start action items to make calls, send faxes etc, we want people sending it in thousands and not hundreds. It hurt us last year when we had such action items and participation was thin. If we make the forums strictly to discuss immigration it will hurt us in time of need when we will desperately need massive participation. This is part of a plan in moving forward for IV and we are building a platform for immigrants to come and stay here and consider it as their home. This work is still under process and you will see its fruits when we have a big bill like CIR. There is a possibility of CIR after August and we need to be ready for it. We are hearing health care reform coming before CIR at this time. There is pressure from CHC and it will be tough to ignore.

    So do not get emotional and start fighting. It is tme to be united and increase the membership of our community. We will need to burn the phone lines and jam the fax machines with our participation when the time comes.

    I have deleted my post on this thread. As an administrator I represent IV and I will keep in mind not to air my personal views on politics as they can be misinterpreted as IV's views.


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  • sodh
    03-19 12:42 PM
    why do you think labor substitution would increase the backlog?
    My company cancelled my labor process the day I resigned, tell me which big reputed company responded to a 45 day letter even when the candidate was not working with them, so that leaves us with companies like Cybersoft who filed multiple I-140 on one labor approval or there are people who are running parallel processes just to be safe and they are buying the sub. labor,so now even if the companies intention's are good,filling I-140 multiple times creates backlog in the service centers and then it is up to your fate if your file is picked up in the numerical order, in concurrent filling it was a race who got the the GC first the original beneficiary or the person who paid price for the same labor. Who are the people opposing substitution ban or the 45 day rule if you find them you will get your answers.


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  • LostInGCProcess
    09-23 04:24 PM
    Hey! I like the idea and totally agree with you.

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  • PlainSpeak
    01-14 12:38 PM
    PlainSpeak - instead of spending so much time on responding to everyone's criticism of you, why dont you go ahead and detail out the "how" of "what" you think IV should do.

    Maybe there is a gap in the understanding of all the posters here in terms of "how" all what you have said will pan out.

    Please be specific around who, when, to whom and using what means can the "what" of your proposition be accomplished. And while you are at it, it will also be useful to lay out how and which of the activities you could personally be of help (by devoting time/ money/ energy/ All/ Some Combination).

    For all you know, it might open the eyes of a lot of people here.
    PlainSpeak - instead of spending so much time on responding to everyone's criticism of you, why dont you go ahead and detail out the "how" of "what" you think IV should do.
    My friend if all you abusive people wil stop criticing and providing abusive comments then we can start on teh actual work. I am not going to jump through hoops just because you have asked me to. First let me see whether the attitude of the people out here (Yes i mean you abusive people) will change becasue without doing that if i start on the implementing what i am talkinbg about all you guys will do is sabotage the talk

    Maybe there is a gap in the understanding of all the posters here in terms of "how" all what you have said will pan out.
    This is a forum right. How what where and when will have to be discussed and worked out (And yes i do not want any credit for it so name it GCHope2001's grand idea for all i care), but ....
    If everyone is against the plan from the start (and being vocally abusive about it) how do you think anything will move forward on this

    Please be specific around who, when, to whom and using what means can the "what" of your proposition be accomplished. And while you are at it, it will also be useful to lay out how and which of the activities you could personally be of help (by devoting time/ money/ energy/ All/ Some Combination).
    Only if i think at least 25 % of all you senior abusive member even agree in principle with what is being proposed. Heck my idea is for releif for EB retrogressed persons and all i get from all you senior memebers and donors is oh he is lazy skill less eb3 and he is doing it to get his creen card and other comments and everyone is all about lets bash this person and oh wow she is a gal so lets do some crude women joke (There was a guy ealier who talked about proper up bringing. I do not see you here any more)

    And yes my friends please use this as an oppurtunity to start off a new discussion about how he needs help. My friends everyone needs help. Even you. Even core

    For all you know, it might open the eyes of a lot of people here. How can some one open up the eyes of the people who bent on keeping it closed. First is there a concensus on this. I do not see any. Any you want me to stand up ubn front of all these people batying for blood and give a detail idea of ho wi wil accomplish. I do not talk to people like that why would i talk about any plan to those who do not agree with even discussing it forget about implementing it


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  • styrum
    02-12 06:51 PM
    :DI just got home from work and logged in and I thought I was dreaming !!!!!
    My priority date is June 2003!!!!! I already have approved petition and AOS. When should I be expeting my GC in the mail considering no need to wait for FBI check any more ?

    Hold your horses, brother. Remember that the official position of USCIS now is: "Oh we got so many applications last June-August, that it will be by the end of 2010 when maybe we will return to processing times we had before last summer". So now even with PD current I don't even know anymore when we actually will get it. Also remember that there are rumors they threw people onto processing citizenship applications because that issue got some public visibility. Guess from where they took thos adjudicators. You are right - from 485 processing.:cool:

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  • unseenguy
    04-01 01:48 AM
    Why don't you guys go to some 'INDIAN_POLITICAL_VOICE.ORG' forum?

    This is immigration form and people from all over the world are the members.
    Don't spam them.

    Moderators, please delete this thread.

    Has anyone asked you to read this? You clicked on the link yourself. If you are not interested in this thread, why dont you read something else instead of giving a hollow suggestion.


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  • sobyb
    05-01 02:53 PM
    When did Srilankan Tamilians become Indian citizens??? also India should make sure that terrorists organisation like LTTE is wiped out from the face of earth weather its in Srilanka, Afganistan or Pakistan... gone are the days when these thugs where called 'freedom fighters' .. they are a terrorist organisation and should be treated in that manner.

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  • ghouse1742
    03-31 11:18 AM
    Then to whom would you support? Tell me one political party which is not involved in either mass riots or corruption or deceit or governance failures etc etc etc.

    Yes, people can say that Gujarat riots happened when Modi was at helm. But, don't you see why it happened. It was an aftermath of a train was burned and hundreds innocent lives had lost. I don't think any government would have controlled the anger after that incident. That was bound to happen.

    No one has to debate who were murdered so mercilessly in the train. These were innocent people. No one has to debate who were killed after that....2000 innocent people....your logic that innocent people should be murdered and raped and burnt when other innocent people are killed does not make sense. In the end "INNOCENTS" are the ones harmed. It is debatable whether the riots were stoppable or not, but atleast dont support the person, views or murder of 2000 children, women and men.


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  • vrbest
    07-31 03:40 PM
    Thank you samay for taking time to answer my question.
    My PD is Apr 06 EB3-India. I filed 485 on Jul 23, 2007.
    Can I continue working for Company B until GC is received? or should I join company C before that?

    Whats your EB3 PD. You can join company C anytime assuming that it has been more than six months since you filed your I-485. Company C can start the EB2 process should you choose to. However bear in mind that this process will also take some time.

    Originally Posted by vrbest View Post
    I am on H1B (7th year and got extended for 3 yrs) and applied 485, received EAD from company A (140 approved).

    I am asked to join Client by Company A due to some benefits both of us would receive. But Client wont support H1 so I need to use EAD.

    Since EB3 is in very bad situation, Can I file new Perm, 140 and port my PD for EB2 using Company C for future position? I have position, salary and exp required for EB2. When should I join Company C if I choose this route?

    Thanks in advance!

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  • vivid_bharti
    09-03 03:15 PM
    It really does not matter if you are a doctor or a compounder... Running a state or a country is a different thing altogether, you need different skills and this man had that. He was a self made man risen from the soil. But on the bad side he was the king of the corrupts. Most of the Indian politicians are Illiterate. This guy is a medical doctor by profession.
    Loved by poor people. Hated by the fundamentalists and Naxals. Most of the AP politicians are corrupt including former PM P.V. N RAO.

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  • dilipcr
    06-12 07:03 PM
    Grassley bill will not close the door for immigrants but will decrease substanially from 200k(H1+L1) to 80k. But retrogession will go down and those 80k will have less problem in getting green card. You can chose whether to allow unlimited L1 and 125K h1b and 10 to 15 years waiting time or allow 30K L1 + 50K H1b and 3 to 5 years waiting time in green card. Which option will be better for you? If your skills are not good certainly you will not want any restrictions. If your skills are excellent you will survive whatever restrictions they put. They cannot reduce H1b below 65k as that is a part of WTO. So there is no one can block H1b program.

    Exactly what I had tried to express, you have succinctly put them in numbers. Thank you

    05-01 04:19 PM
    Hi Keeme,

    My post was not about double standards BUT about opposing terrorism, it doesn't matter if its LTTE, KHALISTAN, TALIBAN or any other organisation which terrorises the society. These terrorists outfits should be handled beyond any religious, linguistic or any other consideration.
    Regarding support for common man/community, we should oppose any human rights violation against any individual/community, there shouldn't be any double standards BUT at the same time action against terrorist outfits should not be compromised.

    Correct ! Stand against injustice ! Let's discuss it out. Do you see LT ( karshimir) same as you see LTTE ? Do you feel anything for Kashimiri Pandits ?

    08-15 09:27 AM
    Try detaining any of their top Hollywood Heroes at an Indian airport for 2 hours and see how USA media and people will react to it.

    You people have no respect for your own motherland and always think everything American is good than your own country. Learn to stand up for your motherland. Just because you want your greencard does not mean you forget your roots. Anti-Immigrants (read racists) of this country will still call you slumdogs even if you are a citizen of this country. But your own country people will never forget you and will accept you as their own even if you have lived here for 50 years.

    Learn to love your motherland.

    I completely agree with you that we should never forget our roots or our motherland. India is far better than US when it comes to family values and many other things. However, this story has nothing to do about standing up for our own country/motherland. Every person who has a common name with terrorist names has had troubles at POE since 9/11. So who cares if he is SRK or anyone for that matter. When Colin Powell was the chief of security under Bush administration he had to go through airport security just like any other common person. The TSA here in US treats everyone the same. Do you think ministers or celebrities in India follow any security procedures ? Every now and then you hear of ministers and celebrities involved in smuggling scandals.
    There are good and bad things about every nation. IMHO, security procedures in US are the far better than India and apply the same way to everyone unlike in India. If you are so concerned about standing up for your motherland, what are you doing in the US ? Should I be calling you a traitor ? My point is, this case of SRK has nothing to do with loyality to motherland or racism. It is an unfortunate aftermath of 9/11 and we all know its been happening at POE.

    Reacent Post


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